A moment to ponder.

It has been months since I last visit my blog. And along the way, many things had happened, things that taught me what is life, lessons that I valued for life. Reflecting the past, from what I saw, my blog was nothing - just filled with photos, and sometimes, I keep re-blog, re-blog and continue to re-blog. For what purpose? Nothing. I guess, those were merely to express my feelings. No offense, I don’t mean to hurt anybody. Re-blogging is cool, I enjoy doing it. But I think, now, I should do something more valuable, something I could contribute to others. I mean, before, when I was hurt by many people, I tend to express myself in extreme here, devoting my time crying while writing my anger,m hatred, frustration. I remembered those times when I didn’t know what should I post but because I wanted many ‘like’ tags and people to re-blog me, I followed what other people posted. things became wild for a while for me, and out of nowhere,  I stopped. I was into my studies, till now. Whether people would read or neglect my stories, it’s a different thing. This time, I am not going to do for others, I am going to do this for me myself. Months that  passed had taught me a lot and I would like very much to share some of them with other people. I used to express myself with pictures and songs but I hope that I channel the things that come to my life in different angle, not just only from one perspective. This is truly come from me.